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Hello I am absolutely new to this and am looking to purchase a PIXEL TREE from you guys I want to be able to put animated characters or something on it for example I seen a tree with a dancing Santa on it so I  have a few questions

-what do I need to make it work (please list everything required)
-is the pixel tree kit they are selling on their website able to be programmed?
looking for a list of exactly everything needed
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If an animated pixel tree is all you want then the bare minimum that you will need is a computer, a USB485HS red adapter, a LOR software license in Advanced or Pro and a ribbon tree package.




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4 hours ago, Robertarbanas said:

So the pixel tree kit they are selling won’t work link below 




Yes, that kit will work but you stated you wanted animation and that kit is not the best for animation. The ribbon trees are better for animation as they are flat and much taller.

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