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You can PROBABLY turn them off and on with whatever mode they were last in, but you won't be able to fade them up or down. This applies to any lights which have a wall wart or built in controller.

Use caution with any lights which have a wall wart or inline controller. Straight AC strings are prefered.

An additional note. Martha Stewart brand lights do not dim well, and have been reported to catch fire.

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As Phil said, you can't do anything with pre-programmed lights that have built in control boxes.  They can not be dimmed, they can't be faded up or down, they can't be twinkled, only full on or full off and hopefully they are the type that remembers the last setting you chose, otherwise, they can really foul up what you're trying to do in your display by being animated in a way you didn't anticipate.

I use some of these type of lights, but not usually on any of my controllers, they are what I just call background lights for when the actual musical part of the show may go dark, there's at least something still lit.  But I don't use very many of them, just a strand of stars or snowflakes or the icicle fall lights {not sure that's the correct name for them}.  If I do operate them off a controller, the snowflakes or stars have a knob where the controller will keep the same setting, then I just put them on a channel and use them as ON or OFF, nothing else.   Trying to dim or do any effects with a light set that has a pre-programmed controller could result in the strand having issues or possibly even catching fire due to something may overheat due to improper voltage going to the control unit on the strand.

So yes, you can use them, but, again, only full on and full off, nothing else.

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