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LOR SuperStar Ribbon Tree Kit CCR Length

Star Lord

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Can someone tell me what the length of the CCR ribbons in this SuperStar Ribbon Tree kit are ... 3 meters?  I can not find it in the LOR page of the URL link below.



And also, I was interested in the 12 ribbon kit originally, but thought I could get the 16 ribbon kit, then still use 12 for the mega tree, and the remaining 4 for my house roof line.  Is it possible to split it up like this out of the same controller (provided I use SuperStar to program my mega tree)?






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5 meters or 16.5 feet.

Keep in mind that pixels don't like distance so it all would come down to how far your roof would be from the tree. The distance is not unlimited.

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And just to add that you don't necessarily have to use SuperStar to program your tree.   There are a lot of good effects that you can add very easily and faster to the tree with just the sequence editor.

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