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How do i import a SUP 12 CCR tree sequence in


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OK - so im cheating this year a little and have puchased a couple of 12 ribbon CCR sequences from an online source (wont name it as i dont know if its allowed but ends with "sequences dot com"). I now have the 2 filesfor the Dominick the donkey sequence which are:

12 LOR DominicktheDonkey.lms

12 LOR DominicktheDonkey.sup

On my main sequence visualisation i have set up my 12 ccr tree using the superstar online definitions and it appears in my sequence set up. I can open the sup file (it opens with S5 ) i can play it alone - but what i cannot work out is how to bring it into my main sequence wither directly or as a sub sequence).

The channels in my main sequence dont "expand out" to reflect the 50 pixels per strand so i cannot do a direct cut and paste in.

Any pointers or help as to how i bring these in please or where i can find an easy to follow guide?

Many thanks.

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