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Using Pixel Editor in S5


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Upgraded to S5.  I have two strings of 50 RGB bulbs.  I'm using the PIxie16 controller with one string on Port1 and the other string on Port2.  Want to cycle the colors on the entire string.  Have created a prop of 1 string of 50 pixels (150 segments).  Created a sequence that sets the lights to RED for 2 seconds, GREEN for 2 seconds, then BLUE for 2 seconds.  Have created a prop defined as 1 string, 50 pixels.  When I run the sequence only the first light in the string is lights up with the selected color. All remaining 49 lights do not light up.  Then when the next color comes up, still only the first light in the string lights up...  So, my sequence isn't addressing the light beyond #1. ??? Welcome any suggestion.  .  

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