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Ich Will- Rummstein- Halloween


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Okay guys and gals this is my first sequence that I've made and sequence the faces myself. I wanted to share it with everyone since I didn't think it was too bad as my first try and no one that does sequencing wants to do any German songs for Halloween.

Since this is my first one I was looking for some feedback from anyone who uses it, so I can improve my face sequencing in the future.


As usual SELLERS please do not ask.


Please do not share with other forum members, if they want the sequence they can ask. If anyone contacts you outside of this thread please let me know.


This will require you to copy and paste into your own props. Here is the channels i use: 1) outline 2)eyes 3) eyes closed 4) middle mouth 5) E mouth 6) O mouth 7) top lip ? bottom lip

the sequences has 4 floods, 2 strobes, 8 flashers pumpkins and 4 faces. Face 1 is custom so I can watch it on my computer, since this is an xlights conversion to LMS format.

Please respond to this post with your email address and i will send over the files as soon as I can, and if you use it i would love if people responded back to me with thoughts on it, again since this is my first face sequence so I can improve in the future.

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I’ll take a copy:


i have some German speaking friends that will get a kick out of this!

thanks in advance!



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