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Moving S4 sequences to S5

Stephan Sherrick

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I am trying to move to S5 this year.  My S4 sequences used 46 channels of AC and had a 32 string full circle pixel tree.  In addition to moving to S5, I am also adding nine props to my pixel side and another 16 channels of AC.  When I try to open an S4 sequence in S5, it assigns the S4 AC programming randomly to the S5 props regardless as to whether the prop is AC or RGB.  Also, the S4 RGB is not coming over to S5.  

I need some help in getting at least to the point where I can get the S4 sequence to the same props in S5.  Then I will worry about getting the new props programmed.

Thanks in advance for the help. 

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When S5 is upgrading a sequence, it is matching channel assignments in your S4 sequence to the channels defined in your S5 preview. Since you are changing your display elements this year, you will need 2 previews: one that matches your S4 sequences (2017), and one the matches your 2018 display. When upgrading, use the 2017 preview. After you have upgraded the 2017 sequences successfully, copy them to a 2018 folder and assign the 2018 preview to the 2018 sequences.

I hope that helps,


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