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How to import from SS to S5


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hello all,

   I've created an 8 arch .sup file and would like to import it S5.   However when I go thru the import steps ( Shift S) the whole imported sequence appears to be squashed into the first cell of the first prop.   I tried it also with a purchased CCR tree sequence of Brian's.    Anyone found the secret for importing a SS multi-prop sequence into S5?

Thank you,


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There are a couple ways to do it (partially depending on how you created the sequence.  If Brian or Alan don’t beat me to it, I will give you answers when I get to a computer.

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thank you Matt, looks like a wealth of info in that thread in addition to the video.   Work has tied me up this week, but I'll be looking at that video this weekend.  Thank you very much! 

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