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Singing face sequence


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Would anyone have a sequence of a singing face so I can see how it is done. Any tips would be appreciated too. I have my singing/ guitar playing snowman prop built from holidaycoro but cant seem to get it to sing correctly. Thank you. My email is obadiahbishop2011@gmail.com

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Please search the threads, there are plenty of my free singing face sequences available. Post within the threads and I will share. (top right corner, type in "Now Sharing" you will find a bunch).

I think you sent me a message last night but I didn't understand. It was just a picture of your snowman.

You have to copy paste into the correct channels and have to have your controller(s) set up correctly along with audacity and the exact song used in the sequence.

I will send you my word doc on how to accomplish the above. My word document is not instructions on how to create singing faces. Its how to use the sequences you get from me and audacity.

I have cell vids I text to members who want to learn how I do it.

For the guitar playing, you will have to figure out the rhythm and turn the lights on and off, pretty simple to do.

If you have questions send me a PM.


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another option is to find Edward Czajka on Facebook,    Buy / Sell Christmas Lighting group  he has some sequences already for snowmen. 

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