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Creating a Pixel Grid Preview


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I have a pixel grid that is made up of 16 pixel strings of 50 pixels.  The grid is arranged with 32 pixels across by 25 pixels high.  What is the best way to create the grid in S5 Sequence Preview?  I would also like to scroll some text across the grid and possible use some other of the predefined Motion Effects.

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Alan:  Thanks that was one of the ways that I created it, just wasn't sure if that was the best way.  The second part of this problem is I am trying to create text that scrolls across the grid like "Happy Halloween".  I used the motion effects generation tool in the the sequencer but the text always seems to be elongated instead of looking like actual letters.  Along with this, when selecting the the area in the sequence (I assume timing marks) how big of an area needs to be selected?  Hope this makes sense.

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This is kind of a hurry up post. I've been busy.

My matrix is 16 strings (H) X 50 pixels (W). The size of your matrix maybe what is causing the font to not look right. You can try adjusting them. I made a quick example of one way to do fonts with Motion Effects. See the movie below.

My preferred method is to create pictures of each word and use the Picture effect. An Example of this is in this thread. Here are some words I created for matrix, download them and see if they look better than adding a Motion Effect Fonts





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