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I have a dual string, 50 bulb each CCB.  I would like one of the strings to be an inverted  "V" to lay over the image of a roof peak.    When I create the prop I get the 2 strings, but have yet to figure out how to bend  one of the strings.     Is there a way to do that?       If it was a dumb string I could use the "custom" prop, but how do I do it with a Light-o-rama predefined CCB?


   Thank you,



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Maybe I'm not understanding the problem. Add a string, draw it in the two segments, then end it.  Define the channels.  Took about 10 seconds.


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Hey Jim,

     If it only it were that easy.   I'm trying to add a lLOR RGB CCB,  which conveniently is a predefined prop now in S5.  But it comes in as 2 (which is right) strings.  But both are straight lines.  What I want to do is bend one of those strings.        This may end up being a mute point though as I later tried to copy from my S4 CCB to S5 and those don't match at all.    I sure hope the help & tutorials come out soon !!!   


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24 minutes ago, scubanimal said:

I sure hope the help & tutorials come out soon !!!   


I second that thought. unfortunately I did not work with the beta so coming from S4 it was too much of a curve to take on at this moment. So I went back to S4 for now. 

But I did purchase another computer to put S5 on so I will have that next week to try to practice on instead of trying to learn it free hand. Tutorials would provide a lot of help. There is not much out there regarding S5 tutorials yet.

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I'm assume you are asking about S5 since you asked this in the S5 part of the forum (although your profile shows you on S4.3.34).  Build it as two strings.  There is nothing that says you MUST use the pre-canned devices.  For many applications, they make it easier, but you don't have to use them if it does not work for your application.  An example in my case.  I have never used the Tree Wizard for my pixel tree.  The Tree Wizard in S3 & S4 Visualizer did not work well for a flat tree (it assumed a round tree).  I built it as 12 strings.  That changed a bit in S5, but in Visualizer in S3 & S4 the Tree Wizard was not what I used.  It's still not ideal for a flat tree, but it's good enough that I'm using it in S5 Preview Editor.

BTW, in S5, it's not the Visualizer - it's the Preview Editor.  I know that is being a little picky, but using the incorrect name can cause confusion.  It's a good idea to get into the habit of using the proper name.  Note, I miss Visualizer and it's departure is going to cost me MANY hours of sequencing time because of the way that SuperStar integrates with S5.


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   Point taken regarding using the new terms, I'm very new to S5,  I've not updated my profile yet as I'm not yet sure I'm going to be able to use S5. Still working on converting my first sequence.      But to your other point, if the pre-defined props (which I think are a big plus to the new "preview editor" don't allow for something simple like doing something other than a straight line with a CCB then I think that needs to be called out.   The prop-addition tool looks to be a nice feature, but we have to resort back to S4 type processes, then where is the incentive to upgrade?    Maybe its on the planned list to do, maybe it was over looked, or maybe I just haven't figured out where the interface is to make the mod?   I'm assuming my lack of knowledge for now given how new I am to S5.

    Finally being able to bring S4 sequences to S5 I'm sure has been worked out, there were several beta testers and my pea brain logic thinks that would be not uncommon.  So I'm hoping someone will speak up regarding how to port the CCB portion of sequence from S4 into a S5 CCB prop. ....

  Thanks again for taking the time to help!

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On 8/8/2018 at 12:37 PM, scubanimal said:

But both are straight lines.  What I want to do is bend one of those strings. 

There are 2 ways to do that:

1) Select the string. Right click on one of the square red "handles" at either end of the line, then select "Insert Vertex".

2) Open the Prop Definition window by double-clicking on the prop's name (in the listing on the left). In the Prop Definition window change the "# of segments" setting in the Shape section.


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.  Thank you very much.   Using the prop def works great, moving the vertexes changes the count per segment. 

Note,  a right click did not give me a " insert vertex" though it did give me a insert segment however that did not seem to do anything. But using the prop def to insert worked perfect. Thank you!!! 

I was really stuck with CCBs not being able to import right I think now by making new props & groups it should work! 





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