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Failed to load control 'WindowsMediaPlayer'


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Version 4.3.24 Pro. Windows 10.

Seemingly out of the blue I'm getting the following error when trying to create or edit a sequence. I've been using this machine for a few years, and as recently as yesterday to program and it was working then. The only change to the system was a newer version of CCleaner, which due to my inattention, installed Avast. I've gotten that removed, and found all left over remnants and deleted them as well. (Revo)

Re-run installer for 4.3.24 - No go.
Removed, Reinstalled - No go.
I've removed, rebooted, reinstalled - No go.

Both removals were done via Revo, which seeks out all registry entries and files left over by the uninstaller, and gives you the option to remove them. (Which I did.)

The exact error message

Anyone have ideas?



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Did a search for wmp.dll and it shows up in several windows system folders. Perhaps CCC or avast clobbered one or more of them or the removal tool. Perhaps a repair install of Win 10 or WMP.

Win 10 has a reset function similar to Android, which is supposed to return to baseline, with the option to retain files and settings, Don't know how well it works but you should find it in Updates and Security.

One other possible option is System Restore, but it often fails.

Last resort is reinstall Windows if all else fails. 

This sort of thing is precisely why anti malware software is to be avoided. Does more harm than good. Windows defender is good enough.

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FYI ... Windows Reset seems to have done the trick.

Course, I'm having to get a lot of things reinstalled and going, but at least the issue seems to be resolved.

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