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Bob-Os pixel tools have been updated


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Today I have advanced the expire dates on five pixel tools to October 2020.     SharpIn   interSEction  Importomation  MacroMaestro  PapagayoToLOR     all expired a few days ago.

As always,   message me if you are running into problems with any of them.  


FlipIcon.gif Clipboard flipper will expire in two months with no plans to extend.  Its replacement,  AutoFlip seems to be working well on both S4 and S5.  



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Clipboard flipper is now retired.   The new guy, AutoFlip has taken the stage for all types of S4 and S5 Clipboard manipulation.      Some people are wishing the old guy could work forever and have let me know.   But it is time to let him rest and go on a vacation.      If any of you have question on how to accomplish with AutoFlip the jobs which used to be done by Clipboard Flipper,  please let me know.   


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