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LOR S5.1.0 Release Notes

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We are still in the process of finishing up the documentation for S5.1.0.  When it is complete we'll post it online like we do with all our other help files.

Release Notes For ShowTime 5 Version 5.1.0
1 August 2018

The beta and release candidate periods have ended. This is a production release.


Bug fix: users upgrading from S4 to S5 for the first time got the following message as soon as the program opened: "The master list of previews, palettes, or motion effect favorites has been changed by an external program. Please restart the application to load the updates." Reported by Light-O-Rama.

If you set the effect type to ON, then selected the color fade tool and placed a color fade effect on a motion effect row, the effect type on the toolbar changes from ON to MOTION EFFECT. So you could create a single color fade on a motion effect row, but then you would have to change the effect type back to ON again before placing another color fade effect. Going forward, the only time the effect type on the toolbar will change to MOTION EFFECT is if you click on a motion effect row when the Select Tool is active. Reported by Drew Hickman.

Bug fix: when the playback window heading was visible but the rest of the window was not, the red playback marker could stop. Reported by Drew Hickman.

Fixed crash when the length of the user's license key was not a multiple of 5. Reported by Christmas Expo 2018 attendee.

When importing files from Visualizer or from an SE animation, a wider range of channel colors will now convert to blue (as shown in S5 prop definition) instead of being assigned a "custom" color. Reported by Christmas Expo 2018 attendee.

The sequence upgrade process now checks for device types that are no longer supported (BSOFT DIGITAL IO, DASHER, DIGITAL IO, and X10) and provides a warning if any are found. Reported by user Jeff Sleek.

Problems during media playback now include a descriptive error message as well as the error code. Also, playback errors should now appear on top of the main window (for some users they were displayed behind it). Reported by user ndutton.

Fixed wording on Demo Mode information window. Reported by Light-O-Rama.

Fixed crash when the name of a motion effect row was set to empty. Reported by Light-O-Rama.

Bug fix: when adding a subsequence and "Show All Items" was the current grid view, the subsequence got added twice to the grid view. Reported by Light-O-Rama.

On the Control Lights panel: 1) added checkbox to specify whether lights should be turned off when playback is stopped; 2) added button to manually turn lights off. Reported by Drew Hickman.

A color patch is now displayed for beat channels during playback (as it already was for regular channels). Reported by Light-O-Rama.

File > Save As and File > Save A Copy now have shortcut keys. "Save As" = Ctrl-Shift-S. "Save A Copy" = Ctrl-Alt-S. Reported by Light-O-Rama.

When going to Tools > Sequence Preferences, the "Save Copy" tab has new options. a) the user can now specify that Save A Copy should be performed any time a regular Save is performed. b) the user can specify that the copy should be stored in the same location as the sequence, or in an alternate location. Reported by Christmas Expo 2018 attendees.

When File > Save A Copy is performed, it will now only prompt the user if the "Save A Copy" naming preference is set to "Prompt for name" or if it is set to save in an alternate location and the alternate save location does not exist. Reported by Light-O-Rama.

When going to Tools > Sequence Preferences, the "Sequence Grid" tab has new options for indicating playback progress: a) a moving marker (existing), b) highlight current column, c) highlight current timing mark. Highlight current timing mark is especially useful for users trying to fine tune placement of timing marks on freeform timing grids. Reported by user Jeff Kesler and Expo 2018 attendees.

"Resize Timings to" and "Resize Timings to Equal Times" commands have been added to the Timing Mark submenu when you right-click on the grid. They perform the same functions as they do in the S4 Sequence Editor. Reported by Christmas Expo 2018 attendee.

New checkbox in the Effect Generator controls whether it operates in "continuous mode" or "timed mode".  In timed mode the effect will play for the duration of the effect's defined time and then stop. In continuous mode, the effect playback does not stop. Reported by Christmas Expo 2018 attendees.

In the Effect Generator, if a slider control for an effect is set to respond to music, the Effect Generator now displays the impact on the effect. Previously, the effect would not respond to music until placed in the sequence. Reported by Light-O-Rama.

When in the Effect Generator: if editing a motion effect for a musical sequence and "timed mode" is selected, clicing the Play button will cause the the music to be played. Reported by Light-O-Rama.

Bug fix: when clicking on a motion effect in the grid and Control Lights was enabled, in addition to turning on lights for the prop in the selected row, lights could also illuminate on enhanced LOR networks that did not belong to the selected prop. Reported by Light-O-Rama.


Fixed a bug where if you have the demo version and do file "save as" on a .supe file then the file saves correctly as a .supe file but the file name in the Recently Used File list gets strored as .supe.sup.

Fixed a bug where if you have the demo version and use "save" to save the file name "untitled_x.supe" then the "save as" dialog box appears and it will have "untitled_x_supe.sup" prepolated in the "save as" dialog box.

Fixed a bug where sometimes a valid .supe file would not open and display a message saying "this .supe file was created on a different computer"

When launched from S5 Sequencer and the preview has duplicate pixels such as in the 16CCR RGB Star preview, the channel count was counting the duplicate pixels. It was returning a channel count of 3063 instead of returning the proper count of 3000. This has been fixed.

When launched from S5 Sequencer and the preview has more channels than the SuperStar license level allows, improved the message to the user. It now says: "Information: Your SuperStar license level allows playing sequences of XXX channels or less to your actual light display. This Preview has XXX channels. You can still create a sequence and can play it to the SuperStar screen and it will be saved, but it will not play to the Sequencer screen, nor will it play to your actual lights."

Fixed a bug where SuperStar could crash while attempting to return to the S5 sequencer

Optimized the compiling of sequences that use large Previews to be faster. Thus, the time it takes to start playing a sequence after pressing the "Play" or "Play All" button has been reduced.

Increased the maximum number of images from 1500 to 3000.


S5 Sequencer section of the help file is still in the process of being updated.

Clipboard files from S4 (.LCB) can be used in S5. They import correctly into single color channels, but not into RGB channels.

In the Sequencer, subsequences will play back to lights only on LOR enhanced and DMX/E1.31 networks. They will not play to un-enhanced LOR networks (playback works fine on all networks in the Show Player).

Support CCR macro channels during preview playback (on screen)

Pixel Editor previews imported into S5 require manual adjustments to props that have been rotated. Props with no rotation in PE import correctly. Props with rotation in PE are in the correct location but may have the wrong rotation and scale).


Would like an option in the spiral effect where you could do a fill like a true spiral tree would do. Requested by SPaschall.

Add ability to set text size on individual letters in text effect. Requested in Pixel Editor forum.

Add movement options to the Picture effect that are essentially the second half of the Peek-a-boo movement. So exit_left, exit_right, exit_top, and exit_bottom would be the new options. Requested by Little_b.

Make the "once to fit duration" option available in more motion effects.

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