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S5 transition issues


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Maybe I'm just a special kind of stupid, but things are not working as I thought they would.  I'm giving myself a little bit of a pass as so far I've only found a few PDFs on line and none seem to address this.  

     I have my 2016 sequences ( no show last year), I've created the new visualization in S5 by updating my 2016, adding in new gear and fixing all the warnings.   Next step trying to revive a previous sequence.  

    First issue,  the props that I made in S5 don't show, I would expect them to show up, just blank.

   Second,. A bunch (~30%) of. my original S4 channels are now renamed, channels messed up or otherwise changed to the point I'm not sure what they were.  Without uninstalling 5 and reinstalling S4 I don't know how to trace back. 

   So I'm wondering, are folks just sticking to S4 for now, then maybe after the docs are out switch? I'm sure the really sharp folks who put in the time have figured this out, but I'm sure struggling.

  Finally, maybe for awhile a dedicated area for S5 transition might speed folks over.....just a thought.

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I tried moving to the S5 release, no go for me, with the way the new sequencer and I guess the pixel editor are now combined, I can't use it. :(

My system is too old for the OPEN GL source {1.5 I think} that it wants, so I had to go through and painfully edit my registry to delete everything in there, find and delete files all over my HD to get back to the last release of S4 I was using.    Can't use the PE in S4 due to the Open GL issue either, but I can live with that, but the combined SE and PE, no thanks, when I loaded it up, I absolutely hated the way it looked, especially since I COULD NOT work on ANYTHING because of the Open GL version it wanted that I can't supply! :angry:  And yes, I searched high and low to try and find it for my system, that was a no go too. :(

Give me 2 separate programs so I can do what I need to do, combo programs I've never much taken a liking too ever.

It may have been okay if I could still have loaded my sequences and worked on them, but due to how it is in S5, I'm not at all happy with that.

So guess I'll stay at S4.3.34 forever now, it works and I prefer the SE NOT be embedded with the PE.  That just doesn't work for me on this old machine.

If upgrades and updates can't work on older machines {and I think THEY SHOULD!}, then they just aren't for me.


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