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I have a very dark gif file i want to put a light color background gif with it how do i do it i tried to put a background gif first then the dark gif under it worked in the image setup but when i copy it over only the background showed

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Are you trying to use one of the gif files as a mask and have other parts show through? or are you looking to just change the back ground color?

What I've done, and it seems to work for my needs is to combine the gifs before adding them to SS or SE.

If you don't have the software, post the gifs here and I'll see if I can do anything with them much like I did in this tutorial.




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I went threw your tutorial it great what seams to happen is i put two gif together in image part of ss it worked once put the back ground in first then the gif under the background ran it it worked Copy both pasted to my sub file only background showed reverse them still background only the first one did I load in image and copy it worked background with gif in front I can load my gif with a white background from the program I use just wanted different

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Click on the Tools menu and select "Preferences" and see if you have the "Layer Priority Feature" selected. If not, select it.

With the layer priority feature selected, the effects that are on a higher layer get rendered on top. Also, for the image check to see if you have "transparent," "semi-transparent" or "solid" selected. If you want the image to totally be rendered on top, then select "solid." If not then select "transparent" or "semi-transparent".

Basically, experiment with the settings and see which one give the results you want.

If the above is not the issue, let me know.

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