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RGB Tombstones


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13 minutes ago, caniac said:

with a little help from GriswoldStyle!!




Looking great. People forget they can use decals for those coroplast. I've been using my decals on coroplast for many years. They last way longer than paint. So far we are the only two people with those decals. Now I have to remake my old ones with new decals since I made those new decals. It makes the old "rip" ones look boring lol. But maybe next year. I still have to build my RGB snowman singing face and my two shooting stars. Just too hot outside lately lol.

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24 minutes ago, bbass101 said:


So is it white coro with a black decal or the other way around ? They look amazing !!!

Not sure if he is online. But they are Black Coro with white vinyl decals.


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3 minutes ago, caniac said:

black coro tombstones from Boscoyo and Griswoldstyle decals:

Tombstones 2


Wowwww that purple is nice. Are those RGB or are they just standard purple lights? That's a really good shade of purple. I haven't been able to get an ideal shade of purple on RGB yet they always look pink to me when I adjust them lol

Tried to like them but it says I can't add any more interactions today LOL. I think LOR clock doesn't reset at midnight.

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