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Now Sharing ~ One Toy Soldier ~ Enya singing faces


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Sellers please do not ask.

Please do not share among the forum members, they may ask within the thread.

Thank you for understanding

This is the singing faces sequence only. No music.

You must use the same song from the same album and also must run the song through Audacity. Save the audacity MP3 at a "constant bit rate" "128 kbps" before using. 

Also this is not a strictly copy/ paste unless you are using my channel config. Channel 1-4 will/ should be identical to any of the purchased sequences. Channels 5-8 you must pay attention to the channel names and copy/ paste into the correct channels for you. 

If you have problems feel free to ask within or PM. I also have a word doc with instructions. Feel free to ask for it.

Music Info:


One Toy Soldier

Album: And Winter Came ~ not the Amazon Exclusive version, its 2 seconds short



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