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The 'Danlog.txt' message (Hardware Utility) - ignore

LOR Staff

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I've been working on some major changes in how SD cards (mostly) and shows (generally) are created in the software.  One of those major changes has to do with re-arranging our code for some new software coming out later this year.  

Unfortunately, while I was doing that I inadvertently turned on some debugging code in the Hardware Utility.  If you are creating an SD card and have Intensity Files,  you may get a popup that says something like danlog.txt was created. 

Nothing has gone wrong, and you can simply ignore that message.

<GEEKINFO> Dan is/was working on a tweak for G3 MP3 directors (and it may have already been released), that improves read performance of SD card files.  The log written helps/helped him debug his firmware and helped me understand how to best write the files.  The log should only be written when a flag is set, however when I moved the code around that flag no longer gets turned off in time.</GEEKINFO>

This will be fixed for the next release after 5.0.24 RC2.

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