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Maximum props reached 512


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Version 4.3.26, I get an error of "maximum number 512 of props allowed" and cant add a new prop.

I probably have 150 props in my current visualizer. When I edit the xml file I can see props that have long been deleted but are still in the xml file.

Is there any way to fix this, just deleting the ID's at the top, those are the old ones isnt working.

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Sounds like deleted props don’t really go away.  I have seen this is at least some of the LOR files - although I don’t remember if I have seen it in .lee files.  You should be able to delete them manually, but you do have to get all the references.

The software should do that properly...


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You may have deleted the fixtures associated to the prop, but not deleted the prop.  Those are 2 separate actions.   Go to the properties of the prop and press DELETE.

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