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Loading SuperStar effects into Sequence Editor - Pro license required?

Star Lord

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I just received my LOR pixie 16 controller and some RGB strings.  I have figured out how to control them individually using the sequence editor.  I have also watched a video how to create SuperStar effects.  My question is, do I need to upgrade to the PRO license to import the SuperStar effects into the sequence editor?




LOR Software Version4.3.26

License LevelBasic Plus

Current LOR lighting:

  • ShowTime Central with miniDirector and FM Transmitter
  • 30 Amp ReadyToGo 16 channel light controller
  • RS485 USB adapter
  • 12v Pixie 16 Controller
  • 16 strings of RGB square pixels
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You actually need an Advanced or Pro license just to use the Pixie16 as the Pixie will use 16 Unit ID's just to program it. When programming the Pixie16 you will assign the first Unit ID and the software automatically assigns the next 15 in order.

Also, what SuperStar license do you have? That will affect what SS can export.

Your Basic Plus license is only for LOR and can handle four Unit ID's. SS is a seperate program which requires a seperate license.

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Thanks for that information Mr P; I am only aware of Basic Plus license.  I shall check out the SuperStar license as well.


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