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SuperStar Questions - New to SS need some help


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Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions about the SS sequencer as I am new to using it.

I have a small LOR AC show 32 channels - I also have 4 E1.31 controllers that I use for my Smart RGB nodes, I use LOR Pixel Editor to sequence those and am very happy with it. This year I purchased another 16 channel E1.31 controller and 16 WS2811 RGB Node strings (Not Strips) to use with a Mega Tree id like to setup.

My SS questions are;

1. In Pixel Editor I just sequence my RGB nodes and then save intensity file that opens up in my sequence editor to play the RGB nodes along with my AC channels no problem and it works great. I cant seem to find any good direction ( I have watched the videos but im not getting it ) about how to get my SS sequence into my main sequence editor sequence? In SS is it the same as Pixel Editor where I just save as an intensity file?

2. If I purchase pre made SS mega tree sequences, how do I use them? Do I just open them up in SS and than save as intensity file or? Can purchased SS mega tree sequences be edited if I want to change something in them?

3. lastly any advice at all on how to best learn SS would be great, any good videos or documentation that anyone knows about?


THANK YOU EVERYONE in advance for putting up with these newbe questions and all the help I am sure I will receive from you all..




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In S4 there are to use Intensity Data from SuperStar do the following:

launch SuperStar

Open the sequence

Click on the Tools menu and select "Configuration". In your case since you are using E1.31 controllers you would click on DMX and then set the first Universe you are using, and the type of addressing you are using.

Click on the File menu and select "Export to Sequence Editor". Select "Export in New Format (as intensity data)". Then select "Add Intensity Data to existing sequence"

Click on Ok and when the file select dialog box comes up, select the sequence that you want to add the intensity data to.

Launch the Sequence Editor

Open the sequence that you added the intensity data to. You should see your main sequence and at the bottom you should a blue row that represents the intensity data exported by superstar.


As for the purchased sequences, when you purchase them from my website at www.superstarlights.com you will get the .sup file and you can modify the .sup file if you wish and then you can export the sequence so long as you have the appropriate superstar license. 

If you do not have a superstar license then you can export the purchased sequences so long as they have not been modified. This is because the purchased sequences are special files that can be exported by any license level including the free demo version, but only if you have not modified them. If you modify them you can export them only if you have the appropriate superstar license.

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Brian thank you very much for your help your the best.. Right now im using the demo version of SS to learn it but I will be purchasing the SS add on soon for my mega tree programming, I have a pro level license but will get the SS add on soon.. And I will purchase sequences from your site when ready for sure.. 

Is S5 coming out before xmas you think? (I mean out of beta) and if so do you suggest using it? is it better or should I stick with S4? Thanks again Brian and hints or direction you could provide me to learn SS would be great..

Thanks Brian



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In the long run you will want to go with S5. But for this year if you are comfortable with S4 then stick with S4. I am not authorized to say when S5 will be released, but you can use the beta now. The beta has bugs but it is functional and you could start using it now.

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