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Can Applights be used with a Pixie LOR controller

Star Lord

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I have about 8 Applight LED light strings (https://www.amazon.com/AppLights-Lightshow-24-Light-Multi-Color-Lighting/dp/B017GROJ42) purchased about 3 years ago, and half of the strings are already bad (they only offer a 90 day warranty).  The are smart pixels with their own built in Bluetooth controller.  


My question is, has anyone who has a set(s) of these, tried to use them with a pixie LOR controller?  Would I remove the controller from the Applight string and hard wire it back together with a few wire nuts?



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The only "consumer" pixels that I am aware of that have been hacked to use with a lighting controller are GE Color Effects lights (of which I am using about 400 in my show).  According to the Pixie docs, they can't control the GECE lights.  That does not mean that any other "consumer" pixel strings have not already been hacked - but I'm not aware of it. 

The real answer is it depends on what type of protocol the Applights use.


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One word.


They have built in sequences. Also it doesn’t same smart or dumb pixels. That being aaid the pixie series controllers are for smart pixels only.

You can get smart pixels at a bunch of vendors. No guess work

Something to consider. Whatever pixie voltage you purchased you have to use the same voltage pixels.

Also, I didn’t read anything that says “smart pixels”. It says multiple color combinations but that doesn’t really mean smart.


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