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How to attach RGB bullet string to 16 channel light controller

Star Lord

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I purchased and just received the ShowTime Central Starter Package from LOR.  I also purchased two strings of 12v RGB bullet pixels.  However, the 16 channel light controller that came with the package appears to only support the conventional UL 120v plugs (for the usual LED light strings).  Do I need to purchase another card or something to attach my RGB bullet pixels to this light controller?  I want to be able to control the color of each light and that's the reason I purchased the RGB pixels.


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You will need  the proper RGB controller for your strings (and a 12V power supply).

Are your strings DUMB  (4 -wires and all nodes will be one color at a time)?   CMB-24D for up to 8 channels of RGB

Or SMART, (usually 3 wires), each node individually adjustable.?  Pixie (series)

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First of all, I saw that you just joined, and that this is your first post to the forum.  Welcome to this hobby (I mean addiction)!

You're guess is correct, the 16 channel controller that you received is used only with "standard" 120V AC light strings.  The pixels are driven by a pixel controller.  There are several of them with various capabilities and networking requirements both from LOR and some other sources.  Please tell us EXACTLY what pixels you have - or better yet, post a link to the pixels that you bought - so we can determine what your options are and let you know.


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FWIW- the pixie series controllers are the easiest to use, a lot of people get all wrapped up and frustrated with setup but its simple and I can provide you my cell to help you get past that.

You can purchase the pixie 16 controller all ready to go (some setup and configuration) is required in this hobby but as mentioned above I provide free assistance with the pixie series controllers. WIll provide my cell if required.

You will also need the proper level of license of software.

I cannot help you with S5, I can help you in S4. I can still help you with configuration and setup if you go with the pixie series controller.

Welcome to the addiction.


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8 minutes ago, Star Lord said:

Thanks for the replies all.  I purchased two sets of the ws2811s: http://store.lightorama.com/12vgrbupi50c.html

And the showtime central  starter package: http://store.lightorama.com/shcestpa.html


If you purchase any of the LOR listed controllers that are "pre-assembled" the connectors will simply plug in. You may want to opt for some extension cables to go with them, if available to give you further reach from the controller.

You will also need advanced or pro level license. If you can afford the pro go for it, trust me you will be adding more pixels/ lights.

Keep in mind, if you purchase pixels outside of LOR the connectors will not be the same. You will have to either purchase the pigtails from LOR or purchase other pigtails to soldier on to whichever pixels you purchase.


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1 hour ago, Star Lord said:

So I found these pixel controllers on the LOR site:  http://store.lightorama.com/pico.html

can I just “plug” this into my 16 channel light controller?   

Thanks for the license recommendation JR, I’ll probably get the Pro.  



All of those are unassembled. You will have to get an enclosure, power supply, cables, power supply ac cord, wire ect. 

As mentioned the cost seems cheap but the prebuilt if you have the extra $120 (or about) May be your best bet. To me the time it took to build along with parts, I would have purchased the reassembled if they offered them.

once you have the controller they connect to other LOR controllers via CAT5/6 cable


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