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Someone to login with me and help me setup S5


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Hey guys

I just upgraded from 4.2 Basic Plus to Pro (figure if I am going pro may as well get used to s5)

My plan is to go to pixels.. but in the mean time I am just trying to get a handle on s5.

I am an advanced Novice at LOR, but extremely technically inclined (programmer/MSCE etc)

So.  I offer to help via logging in to those who are newer and need a hand.  (I could have saved hundreds of hours if someone showed me some tricks and tips)  But wondering if someone else would be inclined to login with me on my system to help me configure and setup the PRO version here.

I see some changes...



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12 hours ago, Vince4xmas said:

I will assist.

I would appreciate that!  When is the best time for you... I will PM you.

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