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Pricing Ballpark Idea?


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I could use some help on getting a ball-park idea on the cost of materials required to do a pretty big job.  Also, wanted to find out if there's anyone in the Houston, San Antonio (Texas) area with experience in design and installation that would be interested in being a part of this new project... and what the rates would be to help with design and setup.

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I noticed it's your first post. Welcome to the best forum with the best people for a crazy habit of light shows.

More specifics would be helpful.

What size would be a pretty big job?

Do you have lights already? If so, what kind?

If not, what are you leaning towards?

There are alot of members here located in Texas.

You're in good hands here.


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there are a lot of us in the Houston area, but you do need more specifics in what you are looking for.  There is a texas group forum at Lone Star Holidays.

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Is this a project for yourself or someone else?   Way more details than "pretty big job" is needed for any feedback. 

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