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Having issues loading a song


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LOR worked perfect before the holidays. During the holiday season I had a drive crash so I had to replace it. When I go to use LOR it keeps looking for directories on that old drive. I have uninstalled the software and tried re installing it but still get the same error on startup. Then when I try and load a new song to sequence I get the following errors

The media file for this sequence could not be convered to the LOR internal media format. While the media file may require work, some functions such as play speed or play range may no or way work incorrectly.

after clicking ok I get the next message

THe media file for this sequence could not be converted to the LOR internal WAV format. While the media file will work advanced functions such as the beat wizard VU wizard and View waveform will not function.

edit: I am running Windows 10 64 bit if that makes a difference


HELP Please

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Look in program files\light-o-Rama for a program called LORPost.  Run it.  I will ask you to define where your files are located (same that it did when you first installed LOR).

Note that the folder name may be different with Windows 10.


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In Windows 10 it is the same:

This PC/ C:/ Program Files (x86)/ Light-O-Rama/ LORPost.exe

As far as a new song, there are a few properties with the mp3 that LOR requires, all can be changed with Audacity.

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I got it finally last night. Did it the hard way. Uninstalled the software package then used RegEdit to remove all instances of LOR from the registry (not the best way to do it)

Once i rebooted and reinstalled the software it let me do all the setup and I was able to start sequencing last night. Oh boy.. going from 34 channels to 80 for next year

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