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I have heard that an install of S5 beta on a machine that has s4 will convert files and mess up the old files.  If i created a seperate profile and only installed the S5 there will it affect the files in the other profile.  I am thinking it will.


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My understanding atm you cannot have S4 & S5 installed at the same time.
Just installing S5 will not convert your files. (Sequences) Only loading them into S5 for editing will. If you want to try S5 with your current Sequences, backup your entire S4 install including SS Sequences, Visualization files, props, etc. somewhare safe. (always a good idea to have backups anyways) Install S5 and play with it, if you decide to go back to S4, uninstall S5, reinstall S4 and copy your your Sequences, Visualization files, SS Sequences and you are back to where you were.


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