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Extension Cord for pixels


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I bought some of the C9 really big lights that I am considering converting to RGB. To keep the scale close I thought of using 18/3 green extension cords to string them. Will this type of wire work with 2811 pixels?

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14 hours ago, k6ccc said:

It should work fine.


It should work fine if the cords are fairly short.  Anything longer than 15-20 feet and you may start having data corruption issues.  Longer than 20' I suggest you used twisted pair (cat5, cat6, ethernet).  I use 1 colored wire for data, the other 3 colored wires for +5V or +12v, and the 4 white wires for ground.  I sometimes used 18/3 extension cord wire for power injection.  But cut off the 120 volt plugs and use some other kind of plug.  You don't wanna accidentally plug the pixels into 120 volts!

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I make all of my own cords for my Pixel's and use 18/3 cording.  2500 Ft. with no problems.  just make sure you water proof everything.  




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