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Fire at LOR Factory in Glens Falls

LOR Staff

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A fire has broken out at the LOR factory in Glens Falls NY.  

Flames rip through South Glens Falls complex


The main LOR Factory is in an industrial complex that has several large buildings.  The fire is in the same building as the LOR factory, however it is at other end from LOR at this time.  Initial reports from the building manager say that LOR should be OK.  However a news report indicates that firefighters are saying the building is a 'total loss'.  

We will not know the full extent of the damage (if any) until the all clear is given.  Power for the entire complex has been turned off.  Even if there is no damage to the LOR part of the building, we will likely be down at least a day or two.

As we learn more we will let you know.


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Update 1: 12:15AM

We believe the fire started somewhere around 9:30PM.  As of 12:15 The GF FD chief states that the fire is now out.  While we are still not able to access the building, initial reports are that LOR side of the building did not suffer any fire damage.  However there could be water or smoke damage and we will not know the extent of that until we have access.

Utilities for the building all come in on the side where the fire was.  The GF FD chief stated that 'it may be a while' before we have power.

All LOR employees are safe.

LOR Data systems are mostly located OFF SITE and are also safe.  This includes ordering, licensing, forums (obviously), etc.  

Order fulfillment and repair are both affected, as is manufacturing.  If you have recently placed and order or have equipment in for repair, please be patient as we do expect delays.  As of right now we do not have any estimates on how long those delays will be. 

Phone support will not be available while power & data connections are off line.  Please use the Help Desk if you need to contact us.

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Update 2:  9:30 AM

Minimal to no Damage.

After what you can imagine was a nearly sleepless night, we have been able to access our part of the building.  Other than a slight smoke smell, and a door that was broken down (most likely by the FD) there is no damage to the LOR facilities.  Everything and more importantly everyone is safe.  

While we may not have suffered any real damage, the fire will affect our operations.  All of the utilities are either shut off or damaged.  That means we have no electricity, no heat, and no data.  Restoring these utilities may take some time, due to inspections that need to be done, restoration of damage, etc.  We don't expect it to take too long, but we don't have any ETA at the moment.

We are in the process of updating all of our systems to let folks know what is happening.  As of right now the following are closed/suspended/in process of being shut down:

Ordering/Online Store
Order Fulfillment
Phone Support/Phone Ordering

Receiving is currently running in a VERY LIMITED capacity.  Please hold ALL shipments to us (such as for repairs or returns) if possible - even if you have received an RMA from us.  We will of course extend our 30 day and product warranties that fall inside of this down time.  RMAs will still be good once we restart operations.

On-Line support is up and operational, however please expect delays.


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LOR would like to extend its appreciation and thanks to everyone involved in containing the fire and moving as quickly as they did.   We are all very happy to hear that no one was injured, responders and tenants alike.

Multiple fire companies responded to the call and fought the fire in what can be described as very challenging conditions including the location, cold and snow.  To the firefighters we say thank you for everything you do.

The NYS Troopers as well as the Saratoga County Sheriff department also responded, and to them we also extend a thank you for keeping everyone safe.

We apologize if you were involved and not named directly.  Because of the scope of the incident, we just don't know everyone that was involved.  To you we extend a hardy "Thank You!"

To our neighbors in the building who did suffer losses to their businesses, please accept our sincere sympathy during this trying time.  Please let us know if there is something we can do to help.  We will do our best to help out where we can.

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1/18/2018 9:30AM

Late last night utilities to the building were turned back on. 

For the rest of the day today we expect to ramp back up operations.  We expect to be fully operational by tomorrow.

Again, just to reiterate:  We are back to full functionality.  All departments that were closed are now open.  We have resumed normal operations.

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1/18/2018 10:20 AM

We are experiencing intermittent issues with our data/phone connections at this time.  Phones may not be available until this is resolved.  We have contacted our provider.

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