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Going dark is different to say the least.....


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Wow, the fact that I am going dark really hits ya when you start taking props apart that you used to hang up and store for a year.
Today I am cutting apart my pixel window frames. These are version 2 that I made in 2015. Expected them to be used for many years.. today they will be no more..
Sunday I finished removing the Plasma Icicles 2.0 and they are all sold.. Those were all bought this year with intent to use them for many more years.
I took down the "permanent" wiring and controls for the RGB floods that were up for the last bunch of years. They came down as well.
The snowman orchestra I built this year was to last for many more years as well... So many ideas for them... But they will not be seen again for the public at my house.
It is really happening..... and I am OK with it.. That is the part that is the most surprising.. Will I miss it.. OH HELL YES!. But I will spend more time with my wife doing whatever we want during the holidays.. I guess it's time for us again. Hope she doesn't get bored with me.. :-)
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