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Sequencer, easiest way to export or save raw data of the channels

Markus E

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Hi all

For some fun projects I am currently developing a microcontroller based logic to control RGB led stripes (WS2812). I found this sequence editor from Light o rama, and would like to use it for creating sound matched light effects.

Is there any way to export the created sequences in a format that I could process in my own LED driving logic? 

My goal is to  have a small standalone mp3 player with a SD card, which plays the music, and a microcontroller logic that uses the sequences to synchronously drive the LED effects. Since I already have a WS2812 Library I want to use, I need to drive the LEDs from my own software and just use the sequencer to easily create trigger points to switch certain effects on certain points in the music.

I would be able to play the sequences to a DMX port and record them from there, but isn't there an easier method to read the sequence  from a saved file? Is the file format public?

Thanks a lot for your help and greetings from germany.



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Hello dear nabour country

Lor is rather closed platform.

have you seen the xlight programm in combination with the raspi? That should work for you I can  imagine

Gruessen aus die Niederlaende



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