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Easter lights?


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Does anyone do lights for Easter, or other Holidays that aren't  the more popular?    I have given it some thought, and not  sure how I feel about it.  Is it a bit overboard?   Would there be anybody that would even want to pull over and watch something like that?   I do a very small display for July 4th,  but don't sync anything to music.  Also afraid the neighbors may lose a bit of patience if I were to ask them to deal with this year round.

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Except for the few listed below, the landscape lighting runs year round with slowly changing lights (everything is RGB ).

Valentines Day:  Red, White, and Pink

St. Patrick's Day:  Green

Autism awareness Night:  Light Blue

Police Memorial Week:  Dark Blue

4th of July week:  Red, White, and Blue

Halloween week:  Orange and Purple


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This coming Easter will be our Fifth Year doing an Easter Light Show Celebration !   We make good use of our LED Smart Pixel Investment !   We also light up for the Fourth  of July, Halloween and of course, Christmas !!


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I do the same thing as k6cc with the Landscaping colors for each holiday each month.  Several of my neighbors look forward to it.  Here's an older Valentine's day-


The roof has my new Matrix now, but the color washing gives you an idea.

January- light blue

February- Pink, Red, Purple

March- Green

Easter- pastel colors

July- Red, White , Blue

October- Orange with small non-audio show



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