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Singing faces working fine via USB/actidongle but when attached to G3 director via crossover cable, nothing but sound (no lights)

l have set up show in HU G3 tab.

i think I have set it to output to 1 network dmx using ray Wu 27 channel controllers 

controllers not receiving dmx signal (no blinking light)

any idears what I'm missing, need to free up computer.

so far Lor help desk not successful




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THE KEY to your problem is the crossover cable. LOR is NOT using a cat5 cable for TCP/IP they use it out of convenience to the users. the center 2 wires (generally blue - white/blue MUST run from the center pins in the cable to EACH end... your crossover cable does not... CHANGE the cable to a standard pin for pin cable.

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FIRST Photo... NORMAL CABLE, this is what should be used in ALL  LOR data cables (note the wiring differences) from the first to second photo).


BELOW... Crossover cable



You can (if you need to) use a mix of cables of method 568-A and / or 568-B but NO crossover cables


LOR uses ...... 1 & 2 (not used),  3 & 6 power (12 volts DC),  4 & 5, data (RS-485),  7 & 8 (not used).


See where the power wires are going ?????


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A little clarification on crossover cable.  The drawing that a31ford is correct for ethernet crossover cables and of course for straight through cables.  The original poster was referring to a DMX to LOR crossover cable.  As a31ford pointed out, LOR uses pins 4 & 5 for RS-485 data.  However DMX when used on Cat-5 cable uses pins 1 & 2.  The Actidongle and DMX 27 channel cards are presumably using pins 1 & 2 for data.  The LOR director is outputting data on pins 4 & 5.  That means that a LOR to DMX crossover cable is required. 


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