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Could use a little help, please VOTE

Clyde McChylo

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Hello LOR community,  we need a little help....

We entered out towns Christmas light display contest and could use some help. We are trailing behind to a house with blow ups.....  No offense to strictly blow up people, but to invest the time and commitment to loose to 8 blow ups vs 96 controlled channels, a homemade Santa's work shop, and hours of programming is upsetting.... 

Here is how you can help....  this contest is judged solely on the "Likes" on the non animated picture posted on their page. All you need to do is click on the link below, and "like" the picture....


Also, if anyone is in the same position feel free to let me know and we will return the favor....

Merry Christmas to the LOR community and a happy and healthy New Year...


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Sorry to bump this to the top, but tomorrow 12/31 is the final day to vote. We had a good lead, but the others have raillied the troops and are gaining again. Info above on how to vote. 



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"Blow ups" as you call them can be animated, just remember that. Those pesky little blow ups play a huge role on my display. I do a skit with them and bring them to life each year. I have already started planning for next year as I have for well before I got in to all of this musical stuff. Being stationed all over the world those inflatable moved with me whever I went.. Hundreds of people wait to see my inflatables spring to life. They are controlled by 1 or 2 of my 24 AC controllers. And fit in nicely with the scenes on my pixel stuff. 

Not only that but the people who truly love the displays and drag their parents out to see them love the inflatables, the children. After all it's all about the them on Jesus's birthday.

If you attract more kids you get more likes, plain and simple. Maybe not the likes you are searching for. I "like" the "thank you" cards left in my mailbox and all of the comments and the positive energy around the holidays. And the children and the parents seem to like my displays  inflatables, blow molds, led's, incans (though only in a few of my singing faces now) and rgb props. I even have some sections of my arches just thrown in my yard, part of my special effects for my inflatables.

I guarantee you I spent more time prepping and planning for my show than you did. Those "blow up" people may have spent what they think is a lot of time with their display, however in the voting aspect the time spent holds no merit. Sometimes you have to think out of the box. A Santas Workshop may be a good idea but what did you do with it? We have a guy here who dresses up as Santa and sits on his roof for several hours a night (weather permitting) he is also a big crowd favorite but he only dresses up as Santa, how can that be. The children love him.


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