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I am new to using Papagayo again and I'm having trouble. I just finished the lyrics to the song "Nine little Reindeer" by Conway Twitty. However, when I export the voices to save (Moho switch file (*.dat) ) and then go to the Papagayo to LOR program and try to Load the Papagayo exported voice, they are gone and will not load. I don't know if I'm doing some thing incorrect while exporting or what but, how do I fix this so I can complete my project?

Also when I do get it to post, How due you adjust the timing if it's off?

Please Help. edyer01@yahoo.com 

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Double check where the files are being saved to.  That happened to me the first time i used Papagayo, but it's been 2 years since i used it.  This coming year once Christmas is past I plan on getting all my songs done and with the quartet on the songs that have more than 1 voice.

As far as the timing I just copy all lines and paste them back either 1 notch to the left or right depending on if they're behind or ahead of the song.

I hope this helps!

Merry Christmas Lighting!


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10 hours ago, Dizman said:

This is how I do things.

1) First of all I had to try a couple different versions before one worked correctly for me. http://itsmebob.com/SD.html

I'm using Papagayo Mod

There's also link to videos there also.

2)When I launch Papagayo I first pick a song (after I convert the mp3 to WAV in Audacity)

3) I paste the lyrics from the internet and then click "breakdown"

4) I then select 25 FPS. And if the song is longer than 3 minutes or so I hit the "-" button to zoom out one or two times. This will allow you to do a longer song.

5) Once done I export the voice to the Moho Switch dat file.

6) I then launch PapagayotoLOR and Load Exported voice

7)The first time you run PapagayotoLOR you have to set up your configuration. If you save your config you don't have to worry about that again.

8)I have "String" selected and always check "trim leading space first"

9) Next is to Export voice to LOR clipboard. This should be saved under Light-O-Rama and then Clipboards.

10) Next I launch Sequence editor and open the song

11) Then, on the left side  of Sequence editor , under Clipboards, click on Load clipboard and slect the correct .lcb file.

12) The select the clipboard in Sequence editor.

13) the next part is key and a pain in the ass to get right. Select Edit then Set paste mode and then select stretch to fit.

14)Then you need to select the five correct rows for the face movements and a start time and stop time by using the shift key or drawing a box. You then paste into the right time.

15) Because the words usually never start right at the beginning of the file or finish at the end it's a pain to get the starting and ending time right. But because you have the saved clipboard selected you can just keep tweaking your pasting positions and eventually get it right.

16) If you don't use visualizer you should. It helps to see if it's timed right.

17)Lastly I do the outline and eyes

18) Good luck

19) Don't forget to select paste mode back to paste by cell when you're done

Here is a fresher aspect.

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