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can instant SE make smart pixels act dumb


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I know this is not what most people would do with instant sequence, however i was wondering if there is a way to have my smart pixels act like dumb lites and just stay on solid for any period of time or even the whole song. also i was wondering if there is a way to get my dumb pixels to follow my smart pixels in color but stay on solid during the entire or just parts of any instant sequences. thanks to anyone who responds i appreciate any info enjoy your holiday.

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A theme could be created that always sets all 50 pixels to one color. The theme files are clipboard files and are stored in:

c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Superstar / Clipboards / system

For example, theme 1 is stored in Theme01.scb

You can launch the save/store clipboards dialog box and open up Theme01.scb and change it to be one scene that is the same color for all 50 pixels. My convention has been to make the native color of themes to be red, but it doesn't really matter. The native color is only used if you select "native" as the color in the TCM settings. Otherwise, if you choose a color in the TCM settings then that is the color the theme will use.

You could redefine Theme01.scb and select the first theme for TCM1 and use it on your smart pixels that you want to be all the same color. Then you could use TCM2 on strings that you don't want to act as "dumb pixels". And you could select to change color by time, and select something like every 5 seconds. You could then set RGBW for the colors for TCM1 and TCM2 and they would both step through Red, green, blue and white together.

I don't think that's exactly what you were looking for, I think you wanted it to "follow" the colors of some other pixels, but there is no feature in Instant feature that "follows" the color of other pixels. But you can do things like what I described above.


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thanks for the quick reply, i have been doing something like that and the using the scene feature to work the dumb pixels in to what i want. was just hoping there was a quicker and easier way. at least i know for sure thanks and happy holidays

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