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Half of my Pixels did not work! (Solved!!!!)


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For all you newbies from another newbie, I have a 100 count strings (50 plus 50 soldered together) tailored to Pixie 4, 8, and 16 cards.  The end 50 pixels did not work during ANY sequence but would in the Hardware Utility.  Why?  WELL it works when programed and light tested in the Hardware Utility with no issues other than needing a power boost on some of the pixel strings (white would work the first 50 and the last 50 in some faded white color).  While troubleshooting I found the simple solution of a programming error in the Sequence Editor.  When inputting your device (Pixie 4, 8, or 16) make sure you select 100 pixels, not 50 like I did.  When the mistake was found and corrected, it now works fine with all the lights. 

Also, had a problem with the CTB16PCG3 not lighting the way it should.  I had 10 stings that needed to be lighted out of the 16 available.  Make sure you LABEL THE OUTPUT CABLES CORRECTLY!!!  I had them backwards and it did not dawn on me that they were incorrectly labeled until an hour later of troubleshooting. 

The things you learn while doing your setup and testing them.  Hope this helps anyone, so, pass it along from one newbie to another.  Happy Lighting!!!

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