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Open a ticket with the Help Desk and explain that you have leak on one of the channel and let them know which model you have, they will give you the option of sending the unit in for repair or they can send you some triacs for you to replace yourself (I believe normally at no cost to you).

Good luck!

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You can buy the BTA16 snubberless triac from Digi-Key. That is where I buy them. Just go to their website search that number. Marty

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LOR will be glad to work with you to get them. They may be very busy right now. They are not expensive around $2.50 ea. In that range anyway! You buy 10 and price per unit drops. 


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I opened a ticket for one of my controller and this is what they told me.

A source for triacs that have been known to work in LOR light controllers is below. You will need soldering skills to install these and it can take 10-20 minutes to replace a triac.
It never hurts to have a few triacs stashed away for emergencies.
Digikey: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/BTA16-600BWRG/497-3122-5-ND/654430
Allied Electronics: http://www.alliedelec.com/search/productdetail.aspx?SKU=70013674#tab=specs

The first 2 they are backorder and may take up to 19 weeks to get them and the third I got the following message:

You are seeing this page if the page you were searching for doesn't exist or is no longer available
Hope this help.

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You probably asked for where to get them.  You probably didn't say you wanted a couple of them ;)

Reopen the ticket.  Tell us you have stuck channels and you want them sent.

We will probably send a reply back that says:

We are happy to send you parts to repair your controller.  However, replacing parts may not be as simple as you are lead to believe.  Replacing parts on a printed circuit board, what is called 'rework',  typically requires specialized tools and experience.

Rework requires more extensive experience than just being able to solder.  

If you damage a board while attempting to fix it, that is not covered by your warranty. 

Removing parts, especially Triacs and other devices with heat sinks, requires precise temperature control and the need to completely remove ALL solder from a pad/through hole.  Applying excessive heat or improperly trying to remove a part, for example by rocking it, will lead to breaking the solder pad off the board.  Once a pad has 'lifted' off of a circuit board, the board can no longer be repaired and will not work. 

Removing multi-pin devices is also difficult.  For example, the spacing between pins (called 'pitch') on an RJ45 jack makes it very difficult to remove all the solder.  Because there are 8 pins it is very easy to leave some excess solder, and when you remove the socket you can very easily break/lift one of the pads.

Triacs and RJ45 jacks are the two most requested parts. As you can see, both are very difficult to replace without proper tools.

Customers who are soldering their own controllers may sometimes install a part backwards or otherwise damage a part - frequently a resistor network or electrolytic capacitor.  Small parts can usually be cut out with a sharp pair of side cutters and the pins removed one by one.  You MAY be able to replace that part yourself, but if you are not sure, please don't risk it.

If you feel you do not have the experience or tools to replace a part please don't!  We can do the repair for you.  Simply ask us for an RMA number, and we will have you send the device in for our repair department to fix.  If the board is in warranty, the cost is simply shipping both ways.  Even if your board is NOT in warranty, the maximum charge is $25 per board (Pixie and Cosmic Color devices may be higher).

If you have the proper tools and experience we are MORE than happy to send you the part you need - usually at no charge.  However, if you do not have the tools or experience, seriously consider sending the board in rather than attempting the repair yourself.  Recently we have seen a LARGE uptick in the number of boards sent to us for repair where the customer destroyed the board while trying to repair/replace a part.  We hate to see this.  We are not trying to make $25, we are trying to save you several hundred.

  • If you still would like the part, please reply with your shipping address and the exact part you need (if you have not already done so).  Be advised that by attempting to install the part yourself, any damage you may cause is not covered under warranty.
  • If you would rather send the device in for us to look at, please reply and ask for an RMA.  We will start the RMA process and you can send it in for repair.

If you still want them, reply as instructed.  Since you are intl, we will ask that you pay shipping.

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