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Strange behaviour in SuperStar


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I recently purchased a sequence for my 12 x 50 pixel tree and am currently adding the rest of my display around it.  Because the purchased sequence at one point used all 40 layers in SuperStar, I selected the entire purchased sequence and created a group called "Pixel Tree", which was then moved to layer 39.  Layer 40 is a group that has all my static lights.   I found that when I was selecting items in various layers that were not part of a group, SuperStar was actually selecting items in the Pixel Tree group.  I saw this quite a few times.  For example, in the screen capture below, I selected the scene in layer 2 at time 24.45 - 24.65 (where I added the red arrow).  This is supposed to be my pixel star as pointed out with the yellow arrows.  If you look at the timeline (green arrow), you will notice that it shows time 24.45 - 25.10, and it has selected an image that has that time range (orange arrow on Image Setup), and is displaying the image on the pixel tree at the bottom of the sequencing grid.  That image is actually on layer 2 in the Pixel Tree group.  To help confirm what was going on, I changed the image to layer 1, and then was able to select the pixel star scene correctly - as seen in the second capture.

This was happening on my sequencing computer which is a Dell Desktop running Windows 7 Pro and LOR version 4.3.24 Pro.

I am anticipating that Brian is going to want to see the sequence, so I just sent it to him.



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Actually, a few days ago I experienced this bug as well. I have fixed it on my computer. If you send an email to brian@superstarlights.com I can give you the fix.

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I just sent another short message without the attachment since it would appear that you don't need it since you already saw the error.

I sent it to brian@superstarlights.com - not brian@supestarlights.com  as you fat fingered it above...


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I already knew what your E-Mail address was.

v0.1712.9 does indeed fix the error.  Thanks for the VERY fast service!


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