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Finally up and running, One more Question!


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Hi all, 

I have my shows set up, they look amazing!!  I have my shows set to go on at 5:30, then end at 9:30 pm. I don't want to upset my neighbors having flashing lights all night. That being said id like to have a certain lights come on after my show finishes that just stays lit. that way my house don't go dark. I want the lights to stay on until 11:30 pm then turn off. Im sure this is a noob stupid question but please let me know. 

Thanks in advance 


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I do this.   Make an animation sequence to your liking, and create a show with that as the only sequence.   Now, in the Schedule Editor, schedule that show to run after your main show from 9:30pm to 11:00pm.  


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I actually have had an animation show that was not much more than my pixel tree twinkling all night.  It's really for some security in that it lights up the yard enough that it's not "dark".

This year I'm doing a little different.  That is what runs all night, but someone can bring up my MIIP page and play any of my songs or announcements any time.  So far, other than me testing sequences just before I leave for work, only once has it been used by someone.


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