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How to trim a sequence - From begining....


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I will attempt this without your expertise, but my first effort was failure.  I need to trim off the first 17 seconds from the beginning of a SS sequence. Had to shorten the music track as it was just too long... I thought trimming might be easy...

I found that I could select from a point left and delete.  Then I could select from a point all right and cut.  I then pasted from the beginning. 

Is this the best or only way?

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For a long time frame, that is best.  Note that you can select all 40 layers at the same time for your cut and paste.  For short periods of time, you can use the nudge right and nudge left to move 0.05 seconds per nudge.  That would work for 17 seconds, but would be tiring to have to do it 340 times!


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Note that if you press the Ctrl key while clicking on a Nudge button, it does a "big nudge" of .25 seconds so it is like doing a regular nudge 5 times. I would recommend using nudge as opposed to cut and paste if it is less than 8 seconds. You can click on the Edit menu and select "select all" and then do Ctrl + Nudge left to move 1/4 second at a time.

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