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I'm trying to get the physical display of the outline of my house to mimic what I'm seeing in Sequencer effect preview.  I'm using 8 controllers of CCB bulbs.  The all have unique unit id numbers.  All mapped out to match placement in preview window.  The effect I'm trying to display would be "blended bars" using the "right" option for example.  With 2 colors selected, the effect preview seamlessly wipes across the house when previewing on computer.  But when I run the show from Gen3 Showtime Director, it's all over the place.  The wipe is not wiping across the house.  The strands of CCB are not in sync.

What am I missing when configuring the design preview for each controller?  Currently I have each set of CCB set as:

- lines-connected
- 2 segments (depends on how many times each set turns a corner)
- 50 pixels per string
- starting location: left

What exactly is starting location?  Should it be different for each controller depending on placement? Or just which side of the controller the effect would start on?


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