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Need Help with my current setup and sequencing.


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I have used the 16 channel controller on regular Christmas lights in the years past this year I bought a pixel tree kit flood lights kit and a few rgb strips in a kit all came with controllers and I have no clue what I am doing would love to be able to get someone to call me and just point me in the right direction. Please PM me if you think you can help. Would love to get this figured out so I can have some kind of a show for my kiddos.

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(NEW CCR+) Cosmic Color    CCC-II-with-2-CCR-II            1  189.95  Color Selection = White Ribbons and
Controller II with 2                                                  Cases
CCR-II Ribbons
Black Pixel Tree Kit - 16  BlackPixelTreeKit-16x25        1  469.95  Input voltage selection = 120v -
strips of 25 pixels                                                    USA, Canada, Japan...
                                                                      Strip Assembly = Done by Factory
Cosmic Color Ribbon - II  Smart-Strip-2811-CCR-II        2    45.95
10W RGB Flood Plug-n-Show  10W-Flood-Plug-n-Show          1  279.95

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