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Strobe lights not working with LOR Controller


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I have added a new LOR controller to my display (6 controllers now). I have 2 channels designated for strobe lights on the new controller. I am only running 16 strobes to start with. I have other regular lighting connected to channels on my controller. Everything works to sequences except the strobes. They do not come on. Is there something in the controller that needs to be set differently to play strobes? Here is what I have troubleshooted so far.

Plugged in strobe light strings into standard outlet and they fire

Ran a lighting test in Hardware Utility. All channels of the controller light up during the test, but no matter which channel I put the strobes in, they do not fire.

The strobes were purchased thru a LOR partner

Any guidance on what else to test would be helpful.

Thank you, Ray


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First off, what kind of strobes?

Next would be checking your sequencing to be sure unit id set on controller matches programming. Also, most standard C9 style strobes have to have the channel at 100% on, or off. No effects of dimming and the such. 

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Thank you for your response. We are using C9 LED strobes. When I tested them, I had them 100% on. I also ran just some regular LED lights on the same channels on the controller where the strobes did not work and they work fine during the sequence played using this controller, so I know the channels and controller unit ID are correct. I'm just baffled...

However, I will run the test once again with the 100% on and ensure I set it right during the test.

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