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hi all,

i have a picture of my house in the sequence editor so i can see how the lights go on and of in the picture.

now i have 4 leaping arches , using 200 rgb bulbs (50/arch)

i sequence them with superstar.

how do i get those arches into my picture?


Ronald from the Netherlands

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Going to be very specific here.  Are you talking about the Animator which is an integral part of the Sequence Editor, or Visualizer which is a separate LOR program?  The procedure is different depending on the answer.


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Ah yes , i am so sorry.

I was talking about the animator inside the sequence editor.

When i am done sequencing in superstar , i export to my sequence in the editor.

but when i play the sequence then , i want to see the arches in the animator.

How do i do that, course thats a lot of channels.

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Thanks for the clarification.  I've never used the Animator - always used Visualizer so I'll leave the answer to someone who uses the Animator.


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Do you have an existing image with light layout in the Animator in another sequence?  If not, save yourself some time and use the visualizer to draw your light layout.  It's much more robust with options and tools to help.  

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