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Mp3 director seems to be the problem

A one doll

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We have 7 boxes in our setup boxes 1-6 were connected correctly and everything was working fine until we hooked up the final box, now nothing is working mp3 director stays on solid red light and won't load sequences. Nothing is working all boxes have power and flashing green light but they seem to not be getting the signal from the mp3 director. Am stuck have checked and rechecked all connections they are right, everything has power but no sequences play. We have reset all the boxes and still nothing is working. Is there a way to check mp3 director to make sure it works or a way to reset. Any help is appreciated.

Will get all model numbers for the boxes we have and post them in a couple minutes.

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You have multiple threads going for same issue. Don’t. 

You say 7, but only listed 6...???

As with reply in other thread, when disconnecting the 7th “box”, does it start playing the first 6 correctly again?

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