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Free Christmas Songs not under copyright


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Does anyone have a list of free christmas songs that are public domain?  I work for a school that is conscious of not using media that is copyrighted.   I'd like to have a list of songs that I can use safely.   Does such a list exist?


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So the issue here is that the composition may be public domain, but the recording of it may not be. Copyright law is relatively complex, but a quick search on google will net you a list of compositions that are in the public domain. If I recall correctly, anything copyrighted before 1923 is public domain. So, that would make some carols (Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, etc.) public domain, but it can be tricky. For instance "Carol of the Bells" melody is PD, but the lyrics are not. You say the school doesn't want to use media that is copyrighted. Do you mean compositions, or recordings, or something else?

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