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Can I end a song at a certain spot?


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Newbie here.
I am teaching my students how to use the software, and they didn't complete their entire songs before their upcoming light show presentation.
I would like to tell the software to end at a certain time.  Since the media file has already been imported, should I use an editor to cut the song or would that affect their editing file?  Is there another option to ending the songs at a certain spot now that all of the work has already been done?



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Not sure if you could tell the software to stop at a certain  point in the track, I'm sure someone with more experience with this will pop up shortly. 

But failing that you could edit the audio track and cut it short. Save it with a new filename.

In LOR software create a new sequence with the new audio file and copy and paste the work they did into the new sequence.

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Cut the end off the audio using an audio editor like Audacity, Re export the edited audio as 128KBS and constant bit rate. or use WAV. 

Consider fading out the audio if there isn't a natural break in the song.

Re open your sequence and replace the audio with the edited song.

Go to edit/change total time and enter a time just longer than the audio and press OK.

Make sure you have backups before you do this in case you mess up the first attempt.

You might have to clean up the very end of the sequence, put a fade out for example, rather than just stop mid note.

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