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That's not a lot to go on. (And I don't see a question, but I'll assume you're looking for help.)

Are these sequences you created yourself, or get from others?
If they are from others, did you make sure the controller/channel numbers are on there?
Did you use a channel template or just throw channels in there each time?
Have you tried shutting down the shows and playing them through the sequence editor?
If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, does it make noise?
Are the controllers configured correctly? Do you see all in the Hardware Editor?
Have you considered using the regular show builder and schedule editor instead?
Are you running this from a computer, mini director or showtime director?
What type of controllers do you have?
How many controllers do you have?
Is it the same sequences every time, or does the problem show up on different sequences each time?


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